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My novella, CROSSWISE, was recently placed with Down & Out Books thanks to an introduction from Elaine. My novel, BAD CITIZEN CORPORATION, will be released soon by Rare Bird Books.

I came to Elaine as an unpublished writer with a novella and novel under my belt. For both manuscripts, Elaine quickly helped me recognize the strengths and weaknesses while working with me—and pushing me—to make them better.

I cannot recommend Elaine’s editing services highly enough.  —S.W. Lauden

Note: Steve was signed to a new, 2-book deal with Rare Bird in 2016.

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I’m ELAINE ASH, an editor and book producer who thinks outside the margins. Without a great story, nothing else matters. But without knowing the business side, and particularly what agents and publishers want, a writer with a great story has a much tougher time.

I can help with story creation and development, as well as pursue agents, publishers, or shepherd self-publishing ventures. E-books, trade paperbacks, hard-cover art-quality books—I’ve produced them all. 

As an award-winnng crime novelist, I have four active book deals right now. Movie producers seek me as a story consultant and ghostwriter. A non-disclosure contract is guaranteed to all my clients so ideas or details will never be discussed with anyone without permission. Your intellectual property is protected.

Is there something I can do for you?  Do you have a book or short story that needs a little help before it can fly? Please send me an email: ashedit (at) gmail (dot) com.

During a coaching phone call Elaine suggested I take out a novella I had been sitting on forJenni Milne crop
years and send it out to publishers. Now CUPID’S KISS is being published by Rogue Phoenix Press.

She also identified problems with another manuscript and set me off in the right direction to fix it. I cannot recommend her services enough.  —Jennifer Milne

Mia head shot My friendship with the great playwright Tennessee Williams, many years ago before he got famous, wasn’t something I talked about.

But Elaine convinced me those walks and talks on the beach with Tennessee were of interest to a wide readership, and that my own original poetry could have a fresh audience because of it.

At the age of 93, I have a new start as an author. See you on Facebook!


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Professional, efficient, non-judgmental, truthful, analytical; a writer’s writer. Elaine is the only person I could ever trust with my work. —Joseph J. Patchen, writer & reviewer, LuridLit



Chris DeWildtMy novel, KILL ‘EM WITH KINDNESS, was just acquired by All Due Respect publishers. Elaine proofed before it went out. I thought she was great. The price was right, and I got exactly what I wanted.

—Chris Dewildt

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